BuddingTech offers it's support to government bodies by providing knowledge, networks and resources to assist in their pursuit to legalise medical cannabis.   

We align various communities, with the aim of creating a collaborative network, which works with government to ensure a communicative and best practices medical cannabis industry is formed. 

By educating political parties, local officials and various local agencies, we are able to ensure correct processes and structures are introduced and enforced.

BuddingTech understands the importance of maintaining productive long-term relationships with government bodies and local officials and aims to help integrate them into a legal and fruitful medical cannabis industry.    

By promoting practical approaches, industry best practices, hyper compliance, environmental awareness, and community integration, we strive to help establish the medical cannabis industry within Australia. 

If you are currently involved with any political parties and are interested in connecting to learn more about our political programs, please leave your details in the form below.


We aim to ensure that appropriate systems and solutions are created to assist with quality control, public safety and regulation implementation.


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