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Cricket great Martin Crowe was self-medicating with liquid marijuana

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Australian Parliament voted on Wednesday in favor of legalizing a nationwid 

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Medical Marijuana Legalized in Australia 

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Victoria legalises medicinal marijuana by giving child epilepsy patients acces

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Medical marijuana legalisation could be worth $100 million plus, research finds

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Australia has passed a medical marijuana bill to allow the cultivation of the drug

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Medicinal marijuana to be legalised in Victoria

Growing medicinal marijuana a possibility in Victoria

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Vic & Qld announce medicinal marijuana trials

Victoria becomes the first state to legalise medical cannabis

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The Australian Parliament passed a measure legalizing medical marijuana

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Australia commits to legal growing of medicinal marijuana

Australia commits to legalize growing of medical marijuana

Australia could be medical cannabis leader: MCG

New medicinal cannabis laws 'just the first step'

Cannabis-based drug to be made available to NSW children with epilepsy

Tax toke: the budget office models GST on marijuana

Cannabis-based drug to be made available to NSW children with epilepsy

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Queensland to trial medical marijuana