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Medical Cannabis Meetups

BuddingTech runs medical cannabis meetups across Australia. The meetups have been established to help people learn more about medical cannabis, its impact on our economy and the importance it will play in society.

Connect with entrepreneurs, investors, medical professionals, government officials, activists, enthusiasts, and other like-minded individuals. Meet cannabis industry leaders, learn from expert speakers and help us guide Australia into this new and exciting medical industry. 

Expand your network and learn from industry leaders while they share their knowledge and experience.

Previous Events

On October 29th 2016, BuddingTech hosted Seedlings, Australia's first medical cannabis innovation conference. Seedlings was created to share a vision of how we move forward together to overcome the challenges facing the medical cannabis industry. 

BuddingTech hosts a range of events, from community meetups, info nights all the way to technology hackathons. If you are interested in organising or attending any of our technology, government, medical or social events please leave your details below.

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We aggregate content from around the web so you can keep up to date with the latest Medical Cannabis news across Australia.  

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