Government considering banning hemp products - we need your help!

On behalf of the hemp industry in Australia, we are writing to ask you to complete a survey to help demonstrate to the Federal Government the role and value of the hemp industry, which we believe includes your business.

The TGA has recently deferred its decision on whether to ban low-THC hemp for human use which are currently legal. Previously, topical or cosmetic products (like body wash, lotions, creams, cosmetics etc.) and pet food have been perfectly legal and cause no harm.

Unfortunately, during the recent re-scheduling of cannabis (to make medicinal cannabis legal) there was a proposed change brought to the table to ban some hemp products (products which must be specified as ‘not to be taken’ and not for ‘internal use’). 

Many of these types of products have been legal for over forty years, for example hemp soap. Even pet food may fall under these changes and be banned. 

In order to keep to help the hemp industry, we need your help to show the Federal Government that not only would these changes be unnecessary and reckless – they could also destroy a large, sustainable industry within Australia.

We will ask many of your fellow hemp industry business owners, as well as customers of hemp products, to complete this survey, but we need your help. We ask you not only to complete the survey but to share it far and wide.

We will use the data from the survey to show government these changes should not go ahead.

The link to the survey is here: 

Thank you for your time, and I appreciate your help.

Thank you for your help

Adam Miller

CEO, BuddingTech